Flinders University has developed patented technology that represents a new chemicals processing capability that enables new tools and synthesis strategies with a diversity of research and industrial applications. The core technology emerged from research efforts focused on the application of thin film microfluidics and thin film flow chemistry. This resulted in the ability to harness high shear forces, micro mixing, and reactions beyond diffusion control to enhance and explore chemical reactivity  from both a flow chemistry and batch processing point of view.

Processing using the VFD is beyond diffusion control, high in green chemistry metrics, and allows reactions to be studied in real time using a range of modular attachments.
— Prof. Colin Raston

The application of Vortex Fluidic Technology covers a growing number of processing capabilities, from small molecule synthesis through to processing advanced materials and manipulating single cell organisms. The technology works by precisely controlling a number of different parameters that affect fluid dynamics and the shear forces experienced by these fluids. The technology has been designed from the outset with continuous flow processing capabilities, although it lends itself to confined-mode processing for small volumes of liquids. The scalability of processing depends on the volume of material required. For example, this could be a single Vortex Fluidic Device unit for niche applications in medicine and nanotechnology, or a parallel array of multiple units or a single large unit for much higher volume industrial applications.

This is an exciting time, ripe with possibility, and we invite you to join us as we seek to redefine organic chemistry and the way matter can be organised using this innovative technology. 

Vortex Fluidic Devices continue to be developed and improved with new abilities and features. Click through to discover how a VFD can impact your research or your business and how our partnerships seek to introduce the technology globally.

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We are interested in using the VFD to establish partnerships with companies to produce novel materials that facilitate performance improvement and cost reduction for our partner's products, and additionally to scale production as needed. Click through for more.

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 In latest news the Raston laboratory successfully demonstrated drug delivery applications with the Vortex Fluidic Device by facilitating a four-fold increase in loading efficiency for the drug carboplatin. Click through to read more and explore the latest VFD developments.

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