Protein Folding

The VFD has recently demonstrated applications in protein folding and refolding by "unboiling" an egg. Such capabilities are useful in protein therapeutic applications. 


Biodiesel Production

A wide range of different, complex oils can be processed by the VFD at room temperature under continuous flow to produce biodiesel without the need for heating or solvents. 


Pharmaceuticals Synthesis

Continuous flow synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds has been demonstrated at yields of 85% and offering a range of benefits. 


Mesoporous Silica

Monolithic xerogels, silica glasses, and mesoporous silica such as SBA-15 can be produced with the VFD at room temperature; active compounds can also be loaded during fabrication. 


Plasma Processing

The VFD enables plasma chemistry through plasma-liquid interactions via enhanced continuous flow chemical processing in which a plasma contacts a dynamic thin-liquid film in the VFD. 


Chemical Reactivity & Selectivity

The VFD is a powerful tool for controlling organic synthesis, with a growing number of applications demonstrated across several peer-reviewed research papers. 


Many Others

The VFD represents a broad, flexible, and powerful platform technology, the applications for which are limited only by a chemist's imagination.