Vortex Fluidic Technology is currently focused on generating engagement with customers across two distinct areas, Research and Commercial.


In the research space we seek to produce and sell state-of-the art Vortex Fluidic Devices as research equipment to research customers and laboratories that wish to explore and develop novel chemistries. We are interested in working with research customers as part of broader research collaborations where appropriate and to develop new applications of the device where possible.  


In the commercial space we seek partnerships with companies to develop and scale novel materials for use in next-generation products. Every partnership will be different but in general an example of commercial engagements that we are currently pursuing is as follows:

·      Discuss the physicochemical properties of the desired materials.

·      Review the feasibility of producing the materials using Vortex Fluidic Technology.

·      Undertake small proof-of-concept research and development project to produce the new materials, funded or co-funded by the partner, and demonstrating desired material properties.

·      Undertake larger commercial development project to scale-up production of new materials in desired volumes. Commissioning of pilot plant. Funded or co-funded by the partner.

Please contact us if you have an interest in any of these areas. We would like to discuss the opportunity and explore how we might work together.