Vortex Fluidic Technology has demonstrated utility in protein folding applications. Details of using the Vortex Fluidic Technology to refold misshapen proteins can be found in the recently-published scientific paper Shear-Stress-Mediated Refolding of Proteins from Aggregates and Inclusion Bodies, which was produced in conjunction with our research partners at the University of California, Irvine. This publication became topical in the media with headings such as “Scientists Unboil an Egg” and resulted in numerous interviews, radio appearances, and social media coverage. A good example is the Scientific American article Unboiled Egg Untangles a Knotty Protein Problem.

In this application the Vortex Fluidic Technology facilitates dramatically improved efficiencies, reduced processing times and energy usage to refold proteins. Denatured proteins can be efficiently converted into refolded, functionally active proteins with profound benefits to the pharmaceutical industry, particularly the field of protein therapeutics.

If you have an interest in accessing or developing protein refolding technology we invite you to liaise directly with the team at Synthase, who are the commercial lead and key contact for protein folding applications of the Vortex Fluidic Technology.  Please direct your inquiry to CEO Dr. Joshua Britton. 

Below is a video of UCI scientists boiling, unboiling, and reboiling egg white using the VFD.