The Vortex Fluidic Technology is being used extensively for the efficient fabrication of monolithic xerogels, silica glasses, and mesoporous silica such as SBA-15. The fabrication of these materials is accomplished at room temperature and facilitates the incorporation of other materials as desired, as well as fine control of particle size, porosity, and pore size and the potential to produce in bulk quantities.

For additional information please see the following peer-reviewed scientific papers that demonstrate the processing and fabrication of a range of functional silicon-based materials:

·      Continuous flow tuning of ordered mesoporous silica under ambient conditions 

·      Continuous flow vortex fluidic synthesis of silica xerogel as a delivery vehicle for curcumin  

We are currently engaged in the development of novel mesoporous silica materials loaded with active compounds of interest for partners active in the cosmetics and personal care industries. Given the success of these engagements we are interested in seeking additional partners with an interest in developing novel materials of interest for addition to new or exiting product lines.