The Vortex Fluidic Technology can be used in the manufacture of functional carbon nanomaterials for niche applications. This includes the fabrication of defect-free short carbon nanotubes at well defined lengths, fabrication of metal-coated carbon nanotubes and toroidal carbon nanotubes, as well as processing carbon nanotubes to produce interleaved graphene scrolls. 

For additional information please see the following peer-reviewed scientific papers that demonstrate the processing and fabrication of carbon nanotube-based nanomaterials:

·      Fabrication of laterally ‘sliced’ metal plated carbon nanotubes under aqueous continuous flow conditions   

·      Shear induced fabrication of intertwined single walled carbon nanotube rings  

We are currently looking to engage with carbon nanotube manufacturers and suppliers to commercialise this technology via exclusive license or other arrangements.